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Seller Procedures

*Call High Plains Hay Exchange at 307-532-3333.

*High Plains Hay Exchange will send you a copy of your contract with information about which load sold, to whom along with contact information, and also a load verification sheet for each load on the contract.

*Seller is responsible for loading the same stack as represented on the sale and is to provide loading of the hay.  Hay needs to be in the same condition as represented on the sale contract when loaded on the truck.  Seller is responsible for checking for excessive moisture in hay.  Brown or tobacco color hay from excessive moisture in bale shall not be loaded and hay condition must be reported to the sale representative ad buyer or the sale of that lot will be terminated.  If said hay is loaded and sent to buyer, the seller will be responsible for all costs of the rejected hay, including freight.

*Seller is responsible for arranging and paying for weighing the hay on a certified scale.  These scale tickets are the settlement weights that will be used for settlement with both seller and buyer.

*Seller is responsible for sending scale tickets into the office for payment (not the trucker or the buyer) consequently; we will only accept scale tickets from sellers.  These tickets must be on a load verification sheet with Lot # and PO # filled in; it is not for us to guess what you are selling.  Load sheets will not be honored without a scale ticket and therefore, will not be paid.

*Load sheets and tickets need to be turned in to the office.  Payments will be made to seller, in full, on Thursday, a minimum of 7 days after receiving tickets, if paperwork is filled out completely.  Please turn in tickets within a week of loading hay as buyers want to get billed in a timely manner.

*If you are a trucker hauling the hay, you must turn in a bill for your freight or you will not be paid.  High Plains Hay Exchange will not pay without a bill and proper W-9 paperwork on file.  We ask that freight bills be turned in within 3 days of hauling.




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